Testing today and for a bit

So if you have recently stumbled here, welcome.  I am in the process of testing a few plug ins, either to remain here or to possible go to start to a new site.  If you see something you want to try, like buddypress, feel free.  However, just note that i can and will disable or remove things at any time for any reason and will not give warning.  This is merely beta testing for now if you will.


Let me first start off by saying if you are looking for information with real physical or mental challenges, then this site is not for you.  After 13 or so years of being inactive i have decided that it was time to do something with this site.  As of right now this will just be a catch all for any projects or ideas i currently have.  In the future as i develop more time and ideas then this site should evolve and change, but for now, take your shoes off and make yourself at home.

Hello world!

At this time we are relaunching challenged.org, hopefully by Monday September 9th we will be fully live.  Please check back at that time.  Thank you